Just Do It

I was so thrilled to have my blog featured on a local lifestyle show, Your life Arizona a few weeks ago! When I talk about over-coming fear in order to reach my goals, this is me doing just that!

Thanks to the support I have from everyone at Arizona’s Family that will make this a regular affair in the near future. 2019 is the year where I …#justdoit


The small, the quiet, the empty.

A small gift. An empty box. A quiet room.

These are not generally words that spark much interest in the human mind. We tend to hide our souls amidst the bigger the better, …the more the merrier.

In my attempt of self-discovery I have conciously allowed my soul to take more breaks than usual. I do it often and in peculiar places that are not usually places of rest.

During these breaks there’s no talking, no walking, …just listening to the sound of the quiet room. This allows me to experience what often times is over looked and so quickly taken for granted. In those moments I can finally hear my thoughts without them having to compete with the noise of life’s busy do-dads. I can appreciate the rhythm of my beating heart, providing a rhythmic escapade against my thoughts.

I even learned to appreciate the crooked painting on the wall in the second floor break room, and the ceiling tiles that don’t quit fit in the corners. (this used to annoy the perfectionist in me to no end.)

Being small, quiet and empty is no longer a bad thing. It’s now a blank canvas for the good, the beautiful, the new. And I can get down with that!

Life Declaration: Breaking the Mold

You’ve heard the statement, rules are meant to be broken? Well, likewise are the molds that we put ourselves in when we declare that “today is just another average day”. There is too much adventure to be had, living life safely behind closed doors. It’s time for you to get bold, think outside the box, color outside the lines a little…Besides, your destiny is awaiting your arrival.

Here is a Life Declaration to get you started:

Today I choose to break the mold. I choose to not allow fear, timidity, anxiety or any other lie to hold me back from receiving everything that belongs to me.

I choose to be bold and courageous. I choose to allow my heart to be open to new ideas, greater opportunities and a deeper well of knowledge. I choose to allow my mind to be open to bigger possibilties. I choose to seize the day.

I choose to appreciate the smallness that life has to offer just as much as I appreciate the fullness that life has to offer. I choose to be grateful.

I choose not to be so self-conscious and hard on myself. I choose to shift my focus from what’s wrong to what’s right; from what’s unattractive, to what’s beautiful; from what I can’t change to what i can change.

I choose life, I choose peace, I choose to break the mold of just another average day.



Just the Beginning!

In my journey of becoming a television host, I was asked to do 2 mock videos for a 1-2 minute segment that I pitched for a local lifestyle show in the market. I had no professional ANYTHING. Just ME, my 2 scripts I crammed out at a moments notice, my Mac book for recording, my favorite lipstick on stand by, a husband willing to keep the 2 year old at bay for a few hours, and a dining room turned into a mock set with limited lighting.

I can’t wait to look back on this and chuckle. This is where the journey began. Limited resources, unlimited potential.

What did it look like for you when you tried out for your first gig? Auditioned in person for the first time? Took the big test? Did something totally out of the norm?

She. Talks. Life

Sometimes Dirt is Necessary.

Despite it’s messy reputation, dirt is full of the most key nutrients for the building blocks necessary for producing some of God’s most beautiful and natural creations. Flowers, grass, trees, cactus, vegetables, fruits,  ALL start out as seeds, surrounded by DIRT!

I make this very simple statement in order to draw a bridge between natural “dirt” and the stuff we consider to be “dirt” in our lives.

What may appear as though messy, pointless and inconvenient may actually be growth, building blocks and the start of something beautiful.

Don’t take the dirt for granted, instead take your seed (faith)…and plant it, nurture it and watch it GROW!