Who Is Jae Teague?

Jae Teague is a visionary, entrepreneur and an inspirationalist, who triumphed over a devastating prolonged period of fear, depression & anxiety that left her extremely unfulfilled in her marriage, motherhood and career. Through endurance and determination she overcame it all and is now boldly living out her life-long dreams as an inspirational writer, and an aspiring motivational speaker and talk show host.

Through self-discovery she also developed an undeniable passion for people, which led to an even deeper desire to see others reach their greatest potential. Through the vulnerable conversations found on the She Talks Life blog, she shares some of her how-to’s that brought her to this life changing place of fulfillment and her very own happily-ever-after!


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The Story of Jae Teague:

The Caged bird

I can remember one of my first encounters with fear! I stood center stage, about twelve years old, peering into the motionless crowd in front of me. I was about to sing my first solo that Sunday morning and I was so excited, as I had memorized my entire part. I can still see my mom sitting with the other choir members towards the back and the choir director sitting not too far from her. As the track began to play I opened my mouth and began to sing. I messed up on a part …or two but overall not to shabby, or so I thought.

At the very end of the song the motionless crowd, stayed motionless, no applause. The sound of my moms clapping broke through the tension like a hammer to glass. The crowd stared, a few mouth drops, still no motion. The choir director came to assist me off the stage and I could feel the eyes piercing through me like a knife. It felt uncomfortable to say the least. I felt embarrassed. I felt fear.

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Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

That was the last time I stood in a crowd boldly and without fear. Any public presentations in high school or college would cause a tsunami-like fear to overtake my emotions; at which point I would begin trembling uncontrollably and would likely prefer a swift death over facing a crowd of ANY size.

Many other life events took place after that day, solidifying my unwanted relationship with fear, anxiety and depression among other things. No decision I made after that point was able to escape it’s ever-eluding grip. I often peered over the self-made wall of fear, over to the side of my life that existed without it. I was happy, confident, whole and most importantly… I was FREE.

“The biggest problem of being Fearful of the crowd, was my ever-growing desire to be a motivational speaker and talk show host. HOW on God’s green earth can I be so convinced that my life’s calling is to be doing the very thing I FEAR the most?”

 – Jae Teague

“When people ask me why I sing, the reply is simply Because “I STILL CAN.”

 – Jae Teague

The Caged Bird is Now FREE

Through having some honest conversations with God and my closest loved-ones, daily self-evaluations, lots of prayer, and allowing myself enough space and time, I have found myself finally FREE from the grasp of fear, depression and anxiety. I finally learned to love myself whole, completely and un-apologetically! 

The Beautiful Bird Soars

I once heard Dr. Allen McCray teach on the ideology of the human ceiling & floor. The concept is that we all have a “safe zone” right in the middle of rock bottom and the highest we will allow

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

ourselves, in our own insecurities, to go in life.  He said that most people are so comfortable in our own personal safe zone, that we can be self-destructive in our own attempt to get and do better. Fear had been my safe-zone, AND when life took a toll for the worst, it also became my rock-bottom. But, as I made the transition out of my self-destructive cage lined with depression and littered with self-hate, I entered into a new world. Though initially frightened by it’s unfamiliarity, I realized I had finally looked over my personal ceiling for the first time in my existence! I now starred at an open world.

with a little bit of confidence and new mindset in tow, I am convinced now more than ever that I was spared not just FROM something, but FOR something.

She Talks Life now has a whole new meaning!

I never realized how much hard work would have to go into me relinquishing the FEAR of being successful. The fear of being naked and vulnerable to all that I was created to be. The FEAR of soaring!


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