There’s Giants in the Land

I open my eyes to see giants before me. They growl with an intent to intimidate me. Some foam at the mouth with the greatest intention to do bodily harm. I’m shaken and am in fear immediately.

Then a noise behind me grabs my attention. I am quickly terrified at the thought of more giants being behind me, as I am already outnumbered to say the least.

As I turn I can see I a host of angelic presence standing bold, authoritatively, with the power of the sword at their finger tips. They are ready to fight on my behalf! They greatly outnumber the force in front of me and are more equipped by far.

I quickly go from being fearful to being thankful!

Lesson: you may be intimated, scared and greatly outnumbered by what’s in front of you; BUT, standing just behind you waiting to fight for you, is always more, better, stronger, wiser than what’s against you!!

gaining that perspective may be the greatest key you need to live an enjoyable life, especially with the upcoming year.

Life will always have giants, …just remember YOUR giants, and you’ll be okay!!

2 Corinthians 10:4


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