I have fallen off the edge

I have fallen off the edge of space and time to a place my past self never knew existed.

I like this place. It’s new. It deserves a round of applause.

I see my reflection and I’ve earned a few badges of honor. I look different because fear, rejection and woulda-couldas have fallen off its pedestal. In its place is a beautiful crown with diamond studs reading “chosen”.

I am mentally aware. And, maybe for the first time is my life. It’s scary though to think I’d been sleep all the while. But it’s true; I have been.

Breathing in and out even feels different. The walls in this room no longer cave in. I recognize the POWER that lives in me and I in it. I can bend time and space with my words and no one can say that I can’t. I’m meaningful and no one, not even me, can say otherwise.


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