The Children’s Book that Read My Life!

My hubby took our son to the library yesterday and got some cool new books to read. During his nightly bedtime routine my husband read the little guy a book of his choice. Our son, being the Boss-Baby that he is, convinced me to re-read the same book to him because I missed the initial reading by my husband.

This book was called the Good Egg and though child-like in imagery, had a message most suitable for the adults they knew would be reading it. A message that quickly read me from start to finish like it was nothing – GULP!

The Good Egg was one of twelve eggs in it’s carton. The other eggs were not so well behaved and made huge messes all the time, broke things on purpose and cared very little of the consequences. The Good Egg, living up to his name, took it upon himself to clean up after everyone and fix all of their messes to the point of exhaustion and self-deprivation.

One day as the Good Egg looked in the mirror he realized a ton of cracks at the top of his shell. He decided to leave his home and get away from the bad eggs in order to have some time for self-care. After giving himself plenty of time for pleasure and self-care, his cracks had healed and he realized he was lonely and decided to go back to his home with his family and friends. BUT with a new attitude. He was no longer fixing everyone else’s messes, or trying to right everyone’s wrong’s. He would take responsibility for himself only and allow his companions to do the same.


This children’s book spoke to the perfectionist in me. The mom in me. The wife in me. The care-giver in me. The sister in me. The friend in me. The daughter in me. It spoke to the fixer-upper in me. I mean, it pretty much just read my life from start to finish.

Though I don’t see my family and friends as bad eggs, I’d be lying to say that their needs haven’t become a priority over my own needs at times. I can also see how my over-achieving perfectionism has in some cases stunted their own growth and personal development.

I recognize moments in my life where seeing the cracks in the mirror scared me. But instead of taking pre-caution in the form of self-care, I bottled up my emotions and kept on over-doing and over-pleasing. This nearly caused my demise. I had to learn the hard way to STOP being everyone’s keeper. I am the mother of ONE – and not of the entire egg-carton.

Thank you to the author of the Good Egg for this unexpected reminder of self-care – I needed it.

Question, When is the last time you were intentional about taking time for you – and only you? Would you be bold with me and start today? What about 5 minutes a day moving forward?

I’d love to hear what your current self-care routine looks like or what you want it to look like. I’m all ears.


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