Life Declaration: Breaking the Mold

You’ve heard the statement, rules are meant to be broken? Well, likewise are the molds that we put ourselves in when we declare that “today is just another average day”. There is too much adventure to be had, living life safely behind closed doors. It’s time for you to get bold, think outside the box, color outside the lines a little…Besides, your destiny is awaiting your arrival.

Here is a Life Declaration to get you started:

Today I choose to break the mold. I choose to not allow fear, timidity, anxiety or any other lie to hold me back from receiving everything that belongs to me.

I choose to be bold and courageous. I choose to allow my heart to be open to new ideas, greater opportunities and a deeper well of knowledge. I choose to allow my mind to be open to bigger possibilties. I choose to seize the day.

I choose to appreciate the smallness that life has to offer just as much as I appreciate the fullness that life has to offer. I choose to be grateful.

I choose not to be so self-conscious and hard on myself. I choose to shift my focus from what’s wrong to what’s right; from what’s unattractive, to what’s beautiful; from what I can’t change to what i can change.

I choose life, I choose peace, I choose to break the mold of just another average day.



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