Make Moves Today!

A lot of people confuse being busy with making moves (or moving forward), but the reality is that those things could not be farther apart in definition.

Being busy is the combination of time-sucking tasks, that could be in your best interest, or not! They consist of taking on additional chores at home or work that don’t belong to you, and running pointless errands instead of resting.

Moving forward means that you are doing or thinking in a way that promotes self awareness, joy, a sense of purpose and ultimately leads to your life’s goals. Moving forward sometimes means clearing your schedule rather than cluttering it. It sometimes means adopting “NO” as your favorite word.

Let’s reflect: Are you just being busy …or are you making moves?

Here are 3 tips to help you make better decisions about adding to your to-do-list:

Does this task help me…

Move with intention?

Move with authority?

Move with a plan?


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