Valentine’s Day Segment on Your Life Arizona!

On Valentine’s Day 2019 I had the opportunity to do a segment on a local lifestyle show called Your Life Arizona! I was so excited because I have been praying, practicing and believing for an opportunity to do what is my ultimate life pursuit, that is to give people advice through means of the biggest media platform known to man – television.

I share this video in celebration of accomplishing a long desired goal, but also to keep encouraging my followers that your dreams are not only possible, but more than achievable!!

My humble advice, by way of personal trial and error, is simply this:

  • Keep practicing for the audience of one, just as if you have an audience of 10 thousand.
  • Don’t be afraid to be bold and ask for what you want, as many times as you deem necessary.
  • When given the opportunity, let nothing or no one stand in the way of you giving it your ALL!
  • Don’t become focused on past or present successes or failures, both can become unnecessary hinderances to your progress.
  • After each major milestone, GIVE THANKS where credit is due. God, family, friends, people whose help you could not have done without.

I’m excited for your future, it looks great!!


Sometimes the hardest thing for a gifted, creative, motivated or talented person to do is WAIT!