2019 Be Grateful Challenge!

Often times the beginning of the year is met by unfulfilled promises to myself in the form of New Year Resolutions. It’s been my experience that I never hold up to my end of the bargain, no matter how simple or strategic the resolution is.

This year because I am more determined than ever to live my BEST life, I decided to prepare my heart to receive everything that is GOOD, TRUE, and has MY NAME ON IT by conditioning my heart to be grateful for the things I already have.

Would you join me in my efforts? What is something that you are grateful for that starts with the letter “A”, “B”, “C”…?? I can’t wait to hear!


What I’m grateful for that starts with the letter D:


2 thoughts on “2019 Be Grateful Challenge!

  1. Henry Amador says:

    Your tribe is excited and waiting with anticipation for the letter D in the grateful challenge.
    I’m grateful for the ability to make my own decisions. Our decisions create our destiny.

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    • jaevonne says:

      Henry Amador, thanks so much for your comment! I plan to get the letter D out next week. I appreciate your continued support, it makes all the difference in my pursuit!
      I think being grateful for “decisions” is an awesome outlook and one I also need to be grateful for. Thanks for sharing!


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