Lessons From a Boss!

Being courageous sometimes starts in FEAR, but almost always ends with a lesson well learned!

What lessons have you learned through a single act of courage?

I’d love to hear!

2019 Be Grateful Challenge!

Often times the beginning of the year is met by unfulfilled promises to myself in the form of New Year Resolutions. It’s been my experience that I never hold up to my end of the bargain, no matter how simple or strategic the resolution is.

This year because I am more determined than ever to live my BEST life, I decided to prepare my heart to receive everything that is GOOD, TRUE, and has MY NAME ON IT by conditioning my heart to be grateful for the things I already have.

Would you join me in my efforts? What is something that you are grateful for that starts with the letter “A”, “B”, “C”…?? I can’t wait to hear!


What I’m grateful for that starts with the letter D:


Just Do It

I was so thrilled to have my blog featured on a local lifestyle show, Your Life Arizona a few weeks ago! When I talk about over-coming fear in order to reach my goals, this is me doing just that!

Thanks to the support I have from everyone at Arizona’s Family that will make this a regular affair in the near future. 2019 is the year where I …#justdoit