Not This, But Certainly Not That!

I quickly drift off into prayer, where I can see Gods best for me. I can see myself driving a large luxury SUV of some sort. Brand new. 3 rows deep. Fully Paid for.

I see myself owning multiple houses. At least 5 bedrooms. 4 plus baths. Fully Paid for.

I see myself mothering 2-3 more kids, enjoying the benefits of a life completely surrendered to peace no matter the challenges at hand.

I see my marriage restored to Gods intent. Brian in love with me, I in love with him.

I see myself as a talkshow host of some kind. I see me acting, producing, writing, singing, painting, all to bring God glory.

I see me whole, in every area!

Then I snap back into it. My life where it is now, does not look as though it’s headed that way. Bills are late

dream text on green leaves

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. We are struggling to make ends meet. I am still learning to “trust” that I am worth it”.

It doesn’t look, smell, sound, feel like what I sense in the spirit. But part of being a believer is believing and trusting that when God says it’s done, that it truly is DONE.

So, I am writing this to encourage myself.

My life isn’t “this” yet! Meaning, I have not seen the promises of God fully manifest in my life YET! But, I am certainly not where I used to be. In fact, I have grown so much spiritually, emotionally and mentally in the last year. More than I have ever done, and I recognize the incremental ascension that is taking place.

I choose to stand in gratefulness while I allow Gods blessings to over take me.

I am excited for my future. Not THIS YET, but CERTAINLY NOT THAT!