Falling Between the Sheets

Its been years…Years since I engulfed fully into the desire of expressing myself beyond the straight-edges of my journal.

I used to love locking myself in the bathroom, and while laying on the cold tile floor, writing (to release…the pain), writing (to become…someone else), writing (to go…somewhere far away) for hours; until my mind fell off the edge of the paper and wondered far beyond the borders of my wildest imagination. Most times I came stumbling back into reality only when the abrupt call of my mother came dancing authoritatively into ear-sight. (And after completing her demands, I’d fall off the edge…AGAIN!)

It was paradise to me – between those blue lines. I was it’s master. And it was my slave.

Today, my imagination takes a back seat, as in 3-4 rows back, to the always alluring wife, mommy, employee, life duties. Every now and again I’ll hear the faint whisper of it pacing back and forth in the back of my mind. As if it were my restless pet dog reminding me she’s ready for play! I shew her away reluctantly and continue my adult-ing before its temptation could get the best of me.

Today, I can feel her persuasive whisper growing louder and more assertive than ever before. I am scared that another dismissal may lead to my imagination running away and never returning home!

I decided to accept its invitation – no more persuasion needed. Time to get back to hours of writing without limitations! Not caring what anyone else thinks of my style, my lack of proper sentences, my use of overly descriptive words. Time to get back to the part of me that defined my being. The creative chick, that allowed a simple pen and paper to take her past vulnerability and into a place without time and reason.

I pledge to fall deep between the sheets of what is possible when Imagination takes the front seat.

hold on, it’s going to be an adventurous ride.