Its Time!

I forgot about my 9 am doctor’s appointment this morning, pre-scheduled weeks prior! I had spent the morning scanning through emails and catching up with co-workers before jumping to my feet about 15 minutes till my scheduled appointment. (Thank God the Doctors office is only minutes away, I thought). I went to lift the door to my storage cabinet where I store my purse and other personal items, only to discover that the overhead door was locked shut. I must’ve closed the door down just enough this morning to jolt the medal hatchet into a locked position. Peering underneath the door I could see the lock stuck into place. I tried twisting the key hole by hand, but to no avail, it wasn’t going anywhere. I panicked and rightfully so; at this point I had minutes to get to my appointment!

My neighboring cube-mate came over to see what I had been rambling about. “So bizarre, we both noted”, as we both examined further. I was never given the key for this cabinet nor did I know of anyone who would’ve had the key for it. She then remembered she had, only the week before, discovered a set of keys tucked away in a drawer at her desk and had assumed they belonged to her over-head storage. “Hold tight”, she said; “It wouldn’t hurt to try them out”.

She came back seconds later and to both of our amusement, the keys unlocked my cabinet with no hesitation. We laughed and thought the keys must’ve just been a generic pair, used for all of the filing and storage cabinets in our office. To humor ourselves we tried to unlock several neighboring cabinets, only to discover that the only cabinet the keys worked on was my overhead cabinet. She gave me the set of keys and I ran off to make my appointment – on time!

With the help of the Holy Spirit I began to digest this very miniscule, yet strategic thing that happened and words of encouragement began to flood my heart.

Here is the breakdown:

My purse, keys and personal things represent my God given talent, – my gifts. The locked cabinet represented my gifts being stored away for a season. Everything in the cabinet was still mine; they belonged to me, they always had and always will. But what good are they locked away in a cabinet?

For the purpose of this blog my co-workers name is Susan. Susan represents an unexpected vehicle that will have the key to me unlocking my gifts in a time frame that is perfect and in order. The fact that she found something that was specifically for a need of mine prior to me even needing it, shows Gods faithfulness to the needs and desires of his people and that he is very strategic in his blessing methods! In Matthew 8:8 it says that the Father knows what you need before you even ask him, and God in that moment proved his word true.

He further revealed this: there are unexpected resources in the hands of unexpected individuals ready and willing to help unlock my purpose and destiny. WOW! My destiny already belongs to me TRUE, but without it being accessible it’s useless to the Kingdom. This season is my (your) season to accept the calling of Christ by receiving the KEY of unlocked potential through God-ordained people, places, and/or things…i.e. GOD ORDAINED RESOURCES.

He then continued to break it down further.  My appointment represents a life destination, which for me has always been my many overly extravagant career goals. To many people they seem much TOO BIG or TOO FAR OUT to reach. The dream-killing thoughts will often provoke a since of inadequacy leading to fear and anxiousness. Its typically paired with thoughts like: “I must’ve missed the mark somewhere in my life because it hasn’t happened yet”, OR “it’s time to solely think about my family and forget about everything else, after all I’m getting much too old for fantasies”. …But Destiny is still calling, and I am proud to know that God has prepared the way for me to answer.

Arriving to my appointment on time showed me that though I always feel like it’s too late to accomplish my most significant goals – I will actually arrive at them– just on time!

Its time for all of our gifts to be unlocked. It’s time to let Destiny LIVE!

Closing conversation topic: What good are your gifts if you keep them locked away, never to be seen by other?