The Little Guy in my Life!

My heart still melts at the idea of me being someone’s mom. I think it is pretty much the coolest thing EVER!

But, with the ever evolving emotions of being a new mommy I have found myself in a very odd place that I’m sure most first time mommy’s can attest. Since my son was born 7 months ago, I wake, sleep and breath “baby”! Resting in any since of the word has become an illusive dream I’ve unwillingly learned to do without, and silence is now a treat I can rarely indulge! My hormones have a new “normal” along with my waist line, and Life is now spelled: “L.Y.F.E.” to go along with the extra dips and turns it now consists of.

Yet and still amongst all the new changes I have managed to fall so deeply and passionately in love with his big-little smile, his heart-warming giggle, his soft (and not so soft) touch and even occasionally our 3 and 4 am encounters!

His presence brings me joy in all the right places; day-in & day-out.

Love has taken over.

And I love it.IMG_1292