Hushing the Anxious Heart

Flowers by Alec Krivec

Flowers by Alec Krivec

With being a new mommy there are quit a few things I am learning every day. Like basically how to live, function and organize my life, all over again – Ha!

This week I learned that my growing baby boy is “under stimulated” and I needed to get him some big-boy toys; Like an excersaucer, a walker and/or a jumper. Naturally I began my search at the closest Wal-Mart, Target and a few baby consignment shops, but to no avail. Either they were too expensive,  they were all out of the “boy version” or the only ones left were UGLY! (Not for my baby I thought) 🙂

Yesterday, after oh-so dramatically whining to my husband about my disappointing shopping experience, he reminded me of a second hand store a little further out than my usual 8 mile radius. Even though I wasn’t too much of a fan of this particular store, out of desperation I thought, what the heck – why not! With little man in tow I arrived there only to have him screaming his lungs out just before I could jump out of the car. He was hungry. Again.

Now pause! Something you must understand about me right away is my desire to do things as quickly as possible. I don’t know where this came from but I will say that for as long as I can remember I have been this way. Staying somewhere too long annoys me. Not being able to get something done “right away” annoys me. (Now I’m not saying this is the correct way to go about life, cause what I’d give to be a lot less anxious, …but nonetheless this is me). This was extremely handy in college, when balancing work, a full class load, an internship, and a serious relationship were the story of my life. This has proven to have quit the opposite affect in my marriage of almost three years and ESPECIALLY so, since becoming a mommy. Babies and Husbands don’t rush! Oh Boy! Note taken.

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The Journey Begins

This morning I sit here a little tired, breathing in the early Sunday morning air. Its about 7:15 am and I just got the little one back to sleep – for the umm …3rd time (hard sigh). The sound of my husbands consistent snoring fades as I try to pull in the faint sound of birds chirping right outside my window. Its soon interrupted by the sound of a loud pick up truck blaring their music and speeding devilishly down our quiet 25mph street. My mind quickly fades back into reality and then it hits me – BOOM! I am the only one awake, its mommy time!

This happens so infrequently I’m not quit sure what to do with myself when it happens. Should I go back to sleep to catch a few more much needed zzz’s? (That sounds delightful yet too good to be true). Should I quickly search my Netflix must see list and attempt to watch something “I” want to watch? (no cartons. And no Comic book movies.) Or, should I go wash my hair and get started on the half o’ days journey on the conditioning, detangling and straightening process?

Nope! I think I ‘ll start my very own blog.

She. Talks. Life.